Employment Opportunities


William Hart’s La La Records is currently auditioning singers in a wide variety of music genres!:

Company/Job Description:

William Hart, original singer/songwriter and founding member of the beloved, internationally recognized, and Grammy-award winning Philadelphia R&B vocal trio The Delfonics, and his record company, La La Records LLC of Wyncote, PA, are currently auditioning male and female vocalists to join our operation for studio recordings and live appearances.

We are looking for serious, dedicated, and professionally-minded self-contained artists who own their own music and sing in any/all of the following music genres: Blues, Country, Dance, EDM, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and Rock. 

La La Records of Wyncote, PA is proud to not only feature artists who sing in a wide variety of styles and music genres, but also possesses a strong desire to bring back the exciting “old school” mentality, vibrancy, and sound to today’s music industry.  We believe that simplicity, beauty, and positivism are attributes for which there is currently a strong desire and market for in music, and we are looking for singers who not only exhibit talent but a strong work ethic and dedication to working together as a team for the common good and benefit to all.

How To Apply:

Interested candidates should email EPK/singing portfolio and music samples to lalarecordsllc@gmail.com.