History of La La Records

The Early Inspiration and Founding of William Hart's Record Company

What initially inspired William ‘Poogie’ Hart of The Delfonics to form La La Records, LLC – so named after one of the greatest hit songs by his beloved group?  What are some of the changes that have taken place within the record company since its founding?  Why is La La Records considered to be an entity so unique, fresh, and cutting edge within today’s complex music industry?  How did the title “The New Sound of Philadelphia” come about?  Read on to find out …

William ‘Poogie’ Hart’s original composition and hit Delfonics’ record “La-La – Means I Love You” has always meant so much to him – as he explains, “There is so much power in this one particular song.”  In the mid-1970’s, in the wake of the enormous, international success of The Delfonics, William decided to form his own record company, La La Records, along with its subsidiary label, Poogie Records.  “Poogie” was in fact a nickname he was popularly known as throughout the Philadelphia area, and this is still the case today. 

In 1975, a multitude of songs were recorded by The Delfonics, thereafter mastered at Virtue Studios, for an unreleased LP simply entitled, “The Professionals.”  Around 1976-1977, William Hart first released “The Delfonics Return” on Poogie Records.  This album contained four of his original compositions from the 1975 sessions, “The Way Things Are,” “This Time, This Time,” “I’ve Got Everything,” and “The Phoney.”  These songs emanated not only the sheer beauty and strong social commentary of the lyrics combined with the unique singing of Mr. Hart, but the finished recordings also contain the strong disco/soul feel so enormously prevalent at the time.  By 1981, this release gained national distribution by Jamie/Guyden Distribution Corp., and was again put out on 33⅓ RPM vinyl on Poogie Records.  In 2016, the album was once again released, this time on La La Records, with ten additional songs from the 1975 sessions added to the mix.  This version of the album is currently available right here on the official website as an MP3 digital download.

Throughout the years, William ‘Poogie’ Hart has continued to record beautiful, original music in his own production studio and sign enormously talented young artists to his record company.  In his eyes, the recording artist always comes first and as such should be properly treated.  His passion, talent, dedication to music, and strong work ethic speaks volumes, and he has always considered it absolutely crucial that a good song be followed through from its genesis to completion.  Being an extremely deep thinker, he also believes that truly good songs must contain substance, strong meaning, and be completely “clean” in nature and are songs that can be enjoyed by those of all ages (ie: contain no negativity, sexual innuendo, etc. in the lyrics).  Strongly influenced by the songwriting of Smokey Robinson and Curtis Mayfield, he is a strong believer in the ideal that good-sounding, positive songs have the enormous power to help heal the world and make human beings truly feel well – particularly in challenging times.

More recently, William ‘Poogie’ Hart has decided to refer to his record company as “The New Sound of Philadelphia” in deference to the “Original Sound of Philadelphia” so greatly epitomized and popularized by his group The Delfonics in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  He is proud to have added the vast singing and performing talents of Philadelphia recording artists Sean Ballad and Mikee White to his La La Records‘ roster, and their tremendous singing on original compositions like “All That Glitters,” “Show Me The Love,” and “Lost Without You” have garnered much acclaim from music fans.  These new songs along with cherished Delfonics classics of the past are now available for download at La La Central – the official online music store for William ‘Poogie’ Hart’s La La Records!  

Look out for many hot new recording artists and music and dance talent on the way very soon – be sure to keep your eyes sharply focused on William ‘Poogie’ Hart’s La La Records … where the music is clean, fresh, fun, exciting, and cutting edge!

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