“La-La – Means I Love You” – About the Song

DelfonicsPlease scroll down this page to hear the classic 1967-1968 Philly Groove Records’ release.  This song started it all for the Delfonics and remains an all-time classic – “La-La – Means I Love You” (written/composed by William Hart and arranged by Thom Bell):


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“La-La – Means I Love You” is a song of particular significance to William “Poogie” Hart.  Incredibly, it came about after his baby son, who frequently uttered the meaningless phrase “la-la”, prompted him to ponder that the young child may have been actually intending to say “I love you.”  The song became a tremendous national hit within a few weeks.  To this day, William Hart considers this his “biggest and best” song as well as the recording which initially placed The Delfonics on the international map.

 Recent live performance by the Delfonics:


Sung by Nicholas Cage in “The Family Man”:

This ever-popular song, covered by numerous recording artists throughout the years, was prominently featured in the 2000 movie “The Family Man” starring Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni (view entire clip below):