The Delfonics Return by Delfonics

Although released in 2016, “The Delfonics Return” has that classic Delfonics sound and flavor you have known and loved for so many years, and it does not disappoint.  Opening with the stirringly beautiful and inspirational “The Way Things Are,” this album offers song after song emanating that classic, warm, and gorgeous Philadelphia-based R&B/Soul sound which has become so interwoven with American music and initially put The Delfonics on the map back in the late 1960’s as well as propelled them to international stardom.  In fact, many of these songs, including “(Sing A) Clean Song,” “The Same Thing That Makes You Laugh,” “If the World Runs Out of Love,” and “The World’s in Need of Love” not only bring back the classic Philadelphia Soul sound but carry a strong message of love, peace, and social consciousness – ideals which have great importance and significance no matter the time.  “The Delfonics Return” is an album which not only marks the official return of Philadelphia’s beloved Delfonics, but is one in which you will find yourself listening to the songs over and over again. 

1. The Way Things Are by Delfonics:

2. This Time, This Time by Delfonics:

3. I’ve Got Everything by Delfonics:

4. The Phoney by Delfonics:

5. (Sing A) Clean Song by Delfonics:

6. Tell Him by Delfonics:

7. The Same Thing That Makes You Laugh by Delfonics:

8. Oh My Love by Delfonics:

9. She Said Don’t Love Me by Delfonics:

10. Checkmate by Delfonics:

11. Listen To My Heart by Delfonics:

12. If The World Runs Out Of Love by Delfonics:

13. Timeless by Delfonics:

14. The World’s In Need Of Love by Delfonics:

The Delfonics Return by Delfonics
The Delfonics Return by Delfonics
Album Information

Collection of 14 Delfonics songs originally recorded in 1975, and mastered at Virtue Studios, for the unreleased LP “The Professionals”; tracks 1-4 subsequently released as part of the 1976 and 1981 “Delfonics Return” LP release on Poogie Records (a subsidiary of La La Records, LLC); tracks 5-8 subsequently issued as part of the 1998 “Delfonics Return Plus” CD; and tracks 9-14 remaining unreleased until this 2016 official release on William “Poogie” Hart’s La La Records, LLC

Now available as a digital download on the official website for William “Poogie” Hart & The Delfonics and La La Records

All songs written/composed by William A. Hart except: Track 1 written/composed by William A. Hart and Cephas Harold, Jr.; Track 10 written/composed by William A. Hart and Kenneth Gamble; Track 13 written/composed by William A. Hart and James I. Gilyard

℗ 2016 La La Records, LLC

All songs ℗ 1976 and 1981 Poogie Records, Inc. except: Tracks 5,6,7,8 ℗ 1998 P-Vine Records; Tracks 9,10,11,12,13,14 ℗ 2016 La La Records, LLC

All songs © 1975 Wadud Music Co. (BMI) & © 1975 Dandelion Music Co. (BMI) except: Track 6 © 1975 Nickel Shoe Music Co., Inc. (BMI)/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI); Track 10 © 1975 Wadud Music Co. (BMI) & Mighty Three Music (BMI); Track 13 © 1975 Wadud Music Co. (BMI) & Operation Ninety Publishing Co. (BMI)

Album Notes

2016 release from The Delfonics on La La Records containing that classic and familiar old school Philadelphia Soul flavor you love

Catalog #: LLR05


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