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“I Bet You’ll Never Find (feat. Vern)” by Mikee White:

William “Poogie” Hart of The Delfonics proudly presents another La La Records production: Listen to recording artist Mikee White and the hot new Dance/Electronic track, “I Bet You’ll Never Find.”

Copyright ℗ 2016 La La Records, LLC; © 2016 Wadud Music Co. (BMI) & Alaji Music Co. (BMI) & Heaven Kamayah Music Co. (BMI)

Written/composed by William A. Hart, Khalid Hart, and Michael S. White, Jr.


1 review for I Bet You’ll Never Find (feat. Vern) by Mikee White

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Kahn

    One of Mikee White’s most popular songs; the hypnotic rhythm and dance-pop beat of “I Bet You’ll Never Find” will certainly leave you yearning to find a great deal more from this talented and extremely hot new recording artist!

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